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I am a minister of the Gospel. I am used to preaching to people. The Discovery Bible Study process has helped me carry out self confrontation
Pastor C
The part i like about Discovery Bible Study is that i make commitment to obey the word. I have always read and meditated on the word. But DBS has helped me to make commitment to obey
Student Y
What i love about DBS is that everyone in the group participate. Even children have insights that we never imagined possible. It has taken burden of my ministry work because people hold themselves accountable to the discoveries they have made from the word of God
Pastor V
DBS helps me to easily share what i learnt with my friends. I am more confident to share the gospel now
Sister C
We have been struggling with our evangelism efforts but with introduction of DBS, the growth process has been multiplying. Ministry is so easy now.
Evangelist S
DBS has helped me offload the burden of ministry and i now learn even from my 7 years old daughter.
Minister S
I was a muslim. I read the bible using the DBS method and i am now a disciple. The bible preached to me.
Bro M
DBS is awesome. I now have accountability partners to help me stay obedient to the commitment i make and to share. I can share my thoughts and ideas without condemnation from anyone. I am now experiencing true fellowship of the brethren
Sister K
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