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Feedback , Volunteers & Partnership

Feedback Volunteers & Partnership at God's Eagle Ministries
Feedback, volunteers and Partnership

Good morning brothers and sisters, we are prayerfully exploring ways to package and deliver our content to you to make it more engaging and life transforming and also seeking for volunteers and Partnership ( Feedback , Volunteers & Partnership) in the work of Ministry. This feedback will help us tailor the menu to the specific audience rather than one straight jacket for everyone. As a consequence, we will appreciate your feedback with regards to the following questions:

1) Engaging Content delivery Has any of our messages within the last 5 years being a blessing to you? Which one specifically – series or titles and in what ways?

2) Healing, Deliverance and Restoration Ministry

In the Ministries of Healing, Deliverance and Restoration, we have received testimonies from some of you who have taken time to pencil down the specifics. Let us know if there areas of ministration that you have experienced personally or by applications of some of the teachings and principles we have shared in ministering healing, deliverance and restoration of God to others. This will help bring thanks, glory and adoration to Him in specific ways.

Our goal in the teaching and ministration of healing, deliverance and restoration is discipleship – exercising the authority in Christ in the mission field of life as a believers – Labourers are few indeed. AUTHORITY and Power for exercising dominion is not just for a select few.

All believers in Christ are included in this mandate Mark 16:15-20 but lying dormant for lack of use

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3) Unity In Christ: To Encourage unity in the body of Christ with fruit of engagement across denominational affiliations, We have presented and delivered over the years, myriads of contents and ministry gifts from different branches of the body of Christ on our website and over the social media handles. Has any of our content encouraged such engagements? Are there changes you will like to see? Which are they?

5) Content mode of delivery: Would you like to see more videos, pictures, text or audios? Long or short? Frequency?

6) Prayer Ministry: One of the key instructions we received from the Lord in 2006 has being to pray FOR His leaders and pray FOR His church. This year, we have been mandated to pray WITH the church and christian leadership

We have scheduled zoom meetings beginning in February, Saturdays between 6am to 9am WAST in 40 minutes sessions for Christian Leadership in Ministry, Business, Government and Politicians; and believers in Christ. Is there anything you will like us to include in time schedule, prayer content etc?

7) Prayer and Equipping ROOM – Healing, Deliverance and Restoration Room for anyone 24/7 – Are there information outside the details we have shared earlier that you will like included?

8) Volunteer & Partners Finally, would you like to volunteer in prayer team, content creation, editing, and distribution team, and partnership if what we do in the ministry efforts resonates with you please let us know so that we can send you the specific details.

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Thank you for your feedback and commitment to volunteering and partnership via link


Ambassador Oreojo Monday OGBE

Gods Eagle Ministries Inc


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