Doctor Tells Mom to “Get Rid of” Her 3rd Triplet or Risk Killing the Other 2—Here’s What Happened When She Refused

Doctor Tells Mom to “Get Rid of” Her 3rd Triplet or Risk Killing the Other 2—Here’s What Happened When She Refused

Doctor Tells Mom to “Get Rid of” Her 3rd Triplet or Risk Killing the Other 2—Here’s What Happened When She Refused

Chloe and Rohan Dustan always dreamed of having a big family. When their first three kiddos turned out being boys, the couple knew that a little girl was just what the family needed to complete the puzzle. Of course, another little boy would be fine too, but in any case, the Dustans began trying for a fourth baby.

Chloe quickly got pregnant, and to her surprise, her belly began growing faster than it ever had with her previous pregnancies. In addition to that, her hormones were a mess, and she was having strange cravings—all new things for this well-seasoned mom. Chloe thought it could only mean one thing—this must be a girl!

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Chloe and Beans

The couple went to the doctor with expectant hearts, and wound up getting the shock of a lifetime.

The ultrasound technician got to work, and quickly discovered that Chloe had multiple little miracles growing inside of her.

“I was looking at the screen and was pretty sure I could see two sacs, but I just thought, ‘No way,’” Chloe recalls. “After a little bit of scanning, she finally said to us, ‘I’ll tell you what I can see. I see one baby over here,’ and then she quickly moved the wand over and said, ‘and another baby over here.’”

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Talk about a growing family!

“I couldn’t believe it at all. I looked at Ro and he just looked like he had no idea what was happening.”

To their surprise, the ultrasound tech wasn’t finished yet. She moved the wand in between the two babies and went on to say, “And there’s a third one!”

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In a matter of minutes, Chloe and Rohan’s dream of having a big family took on a whole new meaning. They walked into the doctor’s office thinking about a family of six, and were now preparing to become a family of eight!

Chloe and Beans

Soon after the ultrasound tech delivered the shocking news, the doctor gave the Dustans something more important to think about—because three babies growing inside of Chloe wasn’t enough to wrap their heads around.

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He told them that two of the three babies were perfectly healthy, but the third was struggling to keep up. The doctor said there was a high risk that the third baby would not survive, and posed a dangerous threat to the entire pregnancy. They could either take the chance of delivering all three or abort the weaker baby, but the first option could kill the other two babies in her womb.

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Chloe and Rohan knew that they couldn’t just “get rid of her,” so they turned to God, and they prayed. They prayed that all three babies would survive.

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In order to give the third child a chance at life, Chloe delivered the babies prematurely at 28 weeks.

11707607_380709568789090_3246008932219328195_nChloe and Beans

With a lot of love and even more prayers, all of the triplets survived—including little Pearl, the baby girl that led the Dustans to a larger family.

13612383_492075840985795_7862215248343602688_nChloe and Beans

Praise God for proving that “the impossible” is precisely His specialty. And these precious little miracles are living proof. ?

“For nothing is impossible with God.” ~Luke 1:37

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