Part 1 – MECCA

Part 1 Mecca
Part 1 Mecca
Part 1 Mecca

Please join us in the Islam-Christian Forum for discussion of this topic and much more. (video – History of Mecca) For a free PDF tract of this subject please visit our “free tracts” page here for tract M-28 To go directly to the PDF tract m28 MECCA – MAKKAH IN HISTORY

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The fact that there is no historical or archaeological evidence that suggests that Mecca existed prior to the 4th century AD, is such an important subject, we decided to dedicate an entire stand-alone site to the topic at History of As a result some of the content of this page has been moved to that site and can be accessed at the following links:
The History of Mecca (home page)    History and Archaeology of MeccaThe Temple MountIslam’s ritualsThe Kaaba Flooded
Geography of MeccaMecca is 1421 Kilometers Away From Hebron (Jerusalem)    The Wilderness of Beersheba
Archaeology of Mecca
Historical Claims Regarding MeccaEdward GibbonMacarobaQiblahs of Oldest MosquesMuhammad’s Genealogy
Origins of Islam


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