The disastrous sin of pride and arrogance: What will Jesus do? The story of Sarah and Abdul

The disastrous sin of pride and arrogance: What will Jesus do? The story of Sarah and Abdul



The disastrous sin of pride and arrogance: What will Jesus do? The story of Sarah and Abdul

The disastrous sin of pride and arrogance: What will Jesus do? The story of Sarah and Abdul

The disastrous sin of pride and arrogance: What will Jesus do? The story of Sarah and Abdul

Sarah and Abdul had been happily married for 10 years. They were a power couple in their community, known for their strong faith and dedication to serving others. Sarah was a successful businesswoman, while Abdul was a respected pastor at their local church. But as the years went by, pride began to creep into their hearts. Sarah took pride in her successful business and the admiration she received from others. Abdul, on the other hand, took pride in his position as a pastor and the authority he held over his congregation. Their prideful hearts slowly began to wreak havoc on their relationship and their walk with the Lord. Sarah would often dismiss Abdul’s advice, thinking she knew best. And Abdul, in turn, would become frustrated with Sarah’s stubbornness and lack of humility.

The disastrous sin of pride and arrogance: What will Jesus do? The story of Sarah and Abdul

One day, Sarah received a promotion at work that would require her to travel frequently. She was thrilled at the opportunity and couldn’t wait to share the news with Abdul. But when she told him, his first reaction was not one of joy, but of resentment. He couldn’t understand why she needed to travel and put her career above their marriage and their church. This led to many arguments between the couple, with both of them refusing to back down.

The resentment and silent treatment got so bad thet they took separate rooms away from one another. The family altar was slowly and permanently put out as each preferred to talk to the Lord individually.


Sarah began to date a younger colleague in her office whilst Pastor Abdul, in the name of counseling began dating a younger female parishioner. These abnormal relationship went on for more than 3 years.

Sarah and Abdul pretended excellently whilst in church and in the company of others until they get back alone, silence can be felt amongst them. Abdul took to eating out as Sarah did not have the time or desire to cook for her home.

Their pride was blinding them from seeing the damage they were causing to their relationship and their walk with the Lord. One night, as Sarah was away on a business trip, she had a frightening dream that woke her up. She was burning in hell.  Same night, Abdul had a similar dream but more distrastrous. They were driving home after church service and has a disastrous accident that resulted in both dying and found himself dropping really fast down a bottomless pit in pitch darkness with many wailing and crying for help.
Abdul was woken up by his phone ringing. It was call from one of the church elders. They had found out about the arguments and disagreements between him and Sarah, and they were concerned about the negative impact it was having on their congregation. After a very long discussion with the church elders, it was decided that Abdul needs to take a break from active ministry for 12 months. His return was predicated on visible fruit. Feeling ashamed and convicted, Abdul realized that his pride had caused him to lose sight of his true purpose as a pastor – to serve and lead with humility. And when Sarah returned home, she too realized the importance of humility in their marriage and their relationship with God. Together, they apologized to each other, the church members and to God, and humbly asked for forgiveness.

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They made a vow to always put their pride aside and to walk humbly with the Lord. From that day on, their relationship and their work as a couple and as leaders in their community was stronger than ever, all because they had learned the disastrous consequences of a prideful heart.


If we could just ask what will Jesus do in every difficult relationship situation, we can avoid a huge heartache and needless setback.

*When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.—Proverbs 11:2*

*Pride is a vice that ill suits those who would lead others in a humble way to heaven. Let us take heed, lest when we have brought others so far, the gates should prove too narrow for ourselves. For God, who thrust out a proud angel, will not tolerate a proud [Christian] either. For it is pride that is at the root of all other sins:* _envy, contention, discontent, and all hindrances that would prevent renewal._

*Where there is pride, all want to lead and none want to follow or to agree.* —Richard Baxter

*What will Jesus Do – WWJD? REFLECTION*

Remember, Lucifer was once an angel. It was his pride that resulted in his fall. Pride can destroy our efforts at asking “What Would Jesus Do?” If we’re consistently doing what Jesus would do and seeing terrific results, we must guard against the subtle hubris that can accompany success. Check yourself. Is pride a problem? Then proceed no further in asking *“What Would Jesus Do?”* until it’s resolved. For pride in doing right is the farthest thing from the spirit of Jesus Christ and it’s impossible to do what Jesus would do and retain a prideful spirit.

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From the story we read today about Sarah and Abdul, the corresponding setback and moral failures, with the corresponding scriptures and quotes, do you find any similarities between your life and relationship relative to pride? What would you do differently going forward? When will you start applying these learnings to your life situation and circumstances?


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