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Sunday, 7th of November 2021

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Subject: Seven (7) Questions and answers Relative to MONEY, Relationship and Spirituality in less than 6 minutes Video

Money, Relationship and Spirituality

Hello Friends, happy Sunday.

Money is the number one issue married couples fight about, and it’s the second leading cause of divorce, behind infidelity.

When we talk about money in relationships of any kind, either with spouse or God, we are bound to find some frustration and tension.

No matter how much you love your spouse or God, trying to merge your lives—and “his and her money” and giving to charity —can be a bumpy ride.

After all, you both are coming from different life experiences, and the way you perceived and internalized those experiences was probably very different.

Add giving like in tithes, seeds, to charity or worthy causes can be a challenge too if any of the spouse does not and will not accept your understanding of these Spiritual matters.

That’s why you sometimes have two very different views on Money with respect to Relationship and Spirituality!

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I bring you Seven (7) questions and answers relative to money, relationship and Spirituality addressed in this video interview with Dr. Olumide Emmanuel as follows:

1)  How to and How not to Make, Manage and Multiply (3Ms) it?

2) What are Common Money Mistakes in life and in marriage and How to Avoid them?

3) What are The Connections (Nexus) between Money and Spirituality?

4) What is the Body, the Soul and the Spirit of Money relative to your God, the Devil and Giving?

5) What are Major pitfalls to Avoid relative to Making, Managing and Multiplying Money in Your life?

6)Are you Religious? : Do you have a secret place, a secret cult or Nothing at all?

7) How do I choose the RIGHT track that Endures?

And much more!

The interview


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