Part 1 QURAN 666

Part 1 QURAN 666
Part 1 QURAN 666
Part 1 QURAN 666

Here’s a link to an animated home page of an Islamic site that might be enough to give some folks goose bumps. The following quotes come from another page on the site. Here is an index to the contents of that site.
The relationship of Islam and 666 is explored in greater depth on this link to Excerpts in some Muslim’s own words follow:
“The number 666 is highly publicized all over the world and it is associated with evil and danger. However, it is not what it seems. It was a Satanic trick. The trick was to prevent the people approaching the 666. Satan knew that the 666 is the book of GOD and the people should be kept away from it. According to his plan, he placed a bad image to the number 666.”
“The proofs shall be the evidences that this Quran is the 666 that Satan, his religions, his temples especially the Church are afraid of. The Quran is the 666 and GOD preserves the 666 with the number 19.”
“The number 666 mentioned in the book of Revelation 13:18 is a part of a satanic scheme to hypnotise the minds of Christians. It is intended to cast fear and evil. The reason is to create the negative prejudice in the minds of the people when they witness the number 666, the truth. The truth is that This Quran is the 666 , The Book from The Lord of the Universe.”
“The Satanic verses, 9:128-129, are out of the Quran by the Miracle of 19. Therefore, there are no satanic verses in this Quran and This Quran is 666. The Message was delivered in the will of GOD. 666 – The Quran & 19 – The Proof”
“The Quran, 666, is a gift from GOD and it is under His Protection (15:9).”
“In the Quran, 666 , in 15:6 , this reminder (zikr) refers to the mathematical miracle of the Quran.”
“In the Quran, 666, the First verse is ; In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”
“The First Sura in the Quran, 666, is Praise. This sura is the gift of GOD to us to establish Contact with Him through our daily Contact Prayers.”
“The Quran, 666 was revealed to Muhammed, 92 in the year 610.”
“The Book is This Quran, 666.”
“GOD made His Messenger a witness with the letter Qaf and the number 666.”
Scroll down on this link to another Islamic site for the following quote:
“This book is the Quran; and the Quran is ‘666.’”
Here’s another page:
“They say, ‘666 is the sign of the Anti Christ, the sign of the Anti Church.’ Obviously the Church has recognized the importance of the 666, they believe that the number represents a force that shall rise against them.”
Or Search – sura 1 to sura 36 is 666 – here’s an Example:
“The sum of sura numbers from Sura 1 to Sura 36 is 666 (Table 7).”

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