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T-shirt verses for Christians passing tracts out to Muslims:
Sura 5:47 Let the people of the Gospel judge by what Allah hath revealed therein.
Sura 5:68 Say: “O People of the Book! ye have no ground to stand upon unless ye stand fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that has come to you from your Lord.”
Sura 80:13-16 (It is) in Books held (greatly) in honour, Exalted (in dignity), kept pure and holy, (Written) by the hands of scribes- Honourable and Pious and Just. (There were no Islamic books at the time of this Sura 80 “revelation” from Mohammed’s early Mecca days.)
Shirt pocket fit tracts. Print page 1, rotate, then print page 2 on the back, and Z fold as shown. Instructions on how to make your own PDF tracts.


The following tracts are all PDF documents. Print, rotate, print side 2 on back, Z fold in two directions
Crucifixion of Jesus Christ in prophecy for general audience CLICK HERECrucifixion of Jesus Christ in prophecy for Muslims CLICK HERE
 (link) Tract m31 – The Most Heinous and Only Unforgivable Sin of “Shirk” in Islam  (link) Tract m28MECCA – MAKKAH IN HISTORY – Discusses the absence of a pre-4th century A.D. history and archaeology of Mecca  (link) Tract m20MECCA, THE KAABA, AND THE BLACK STONE, IN HISTORYDiscusses how historical and archaeological record demonstrate that what Muslims are taught about the origins of Islam is a matter of fact impossibility.  (link) Tract M21 – Mohammed’s Night Journey – This video explores a demonstrably tall tale that Mohammed told. Indeed a whopper!  (link) Tract M22 – What do the Qiblas of the Oldest Mosques Point To?  (link) Tract M23 – ISHMAEL, HAGAR, PARAN & MECCA  (link) Tract M24 – Hajj and Umrah Part 1 – explores the origins of these Islamic rituals  (link) Tract M25 – Hajj and Umrah Part 2  (link) Tract M26 – Hajj and Umrah Part 3  (link) Tract M27 PDF – THE QURAN ON SCRIPTURE – Details Mohammed’s requests to Jews, Christians AND Muslims to follow the scripture and Gospels.  (link) Tract und7 – Understanding IslamOverview of Islam. Designed to wake up a slumbering church – Z fold – Verse only versionMore versions  (link) Tract ISL1 – The Sum of Islam friendly to all doctrines and denominations and Muslims that are beginning to see the light – Z fold Tract ISL 2 – The Sum of Islam – folds in half to 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 to fit into church programs. Print and put straight back in without turning or rotating.  (link) Tract C12 – Islam 101 – The short course on the home page of this site.  (link) Tract M19 – Mohammed’s Conundrum – For Muslims and Christians that want to witness to Muslims. Invalidates any Muslim claims that the bible has been corrupted.  (link) Tract C9 – Quran on the Bible – Details a few surahs instructing to follow the scriptures and John 1.1  (link) Tract C11&C12 – ISLAM 101 –  part 1part 2– An introduction to Islam – longer version.  (link) Tract C13 – ISLAM 101short version (link) Tract C14 – CHURCH TRADITIONExplores church traditions regarding Revelation  (link) Tract C15 – THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION (link) Tract M1 – “Do You Love Jesus? offers an opportunity to open a dialogue on common ground, because virtually all Muslims at least express a respect for Jesus (from       (link) Tract M2 – SPIRIT OF TRUTH discusses the belief that some Muslims have that the “Comforter” and the “Spirit of truth” are references to Mohamed.  (link) Tract M3 – CHRISTIAN POLYTHEISMfrom  (link) Tract M3a – MUSLIM POLYTHEISMfrom  (link) Tract M4 – JESUScopy and pasted verses that use the term “Son of God” and “Son” and “begotten”.  (link) Tract M5 – ISLAM (Islam the Opposite) highlights the perfectly opposite nature of Islam.  (link) Tract M18 – ISLAMIC HEAVENdetails Mohammed’s carnal and considerably regional heaven.  (link) Tract C1 – “ANTICHRIST the spirit of antichrist in light of the related scriptures. This link contains the same PDF but directed to  (link) Tract M15a – First Epistie of JohnChapter 1 – 5 (whole thing with Deedat intro)      Tract M15hlt – First Epistie of John –Chapter 1 – 5 (whole thing in #10 font)      Tract M15 – First Epistle of John – Chapter 1 – 3Tract M15hlt – First Epistle of John – Chapter 1 – 3 with highlights geared toward Islam  (link) Tract M16 – First Epistle of John – Chapter 4 – 6Tract M16hlt – First Epistle of John – Chapter 4 – 6 with highlights geared toward Islam  (link) Tract M17 – Second & Third Epistle of John – all chapters
More tracts here
 (link) Tract M6 – Gospel of John Chapter 1, 2, 3  (link) Tract M7 – Gospel of John Chapter 4, 5  (link) Tract M8 – Gospel of John Chapter 6, 7  (link) Tract M9 – Gospel of John Chapter 8, 9  (link) Tract M10 – Gospel of John Chapter 10, 11  (link) Tract M11 – Gospel of John Chapter 12, 13  (link) Tract M12 – Gospel of John Chapter 14, 15, 16  (link) Tract M13 – Gospel of John Chapter 17, 18, 19  (link) Tract M14 – Gospel of John Chapter 20, 21
 (link) Understanding Islam additional versionsShirt pocket size full version with footnote  regarding Jewish blindness – und7 – print page 1, rotate and print page 2 (on back), then Z fold in 2 directions (Pictorial instructions)      Full version w/ footnote – und3 – (html version) Shirt pocket size short version – und 6 –      Short version – und2 – (html version) Shirt pocket size – verse only version – und5 – Z fold in 2 directions      Verse only PDF – und1 – (html version of this PDF) Shirt pocket size full version w/o footnote – und 8 – Z fold in 2 directions      Full version without footnote – und4 – (html version)   (link)
If you become so inspired, we highly recommend opening your computer’s writing program (like Open Office), and create a template using a 3-column 2-page document, and writing tracts yourself. You can copy and paste passages from the King James at sites like or olivetree. The King James version is in the public domain. It’s really fun once you get started.  
If you want to turn your document into a PDF to send to others, CutePDF has a free download.  After downloading, all you do is push the “print” button on your document, and select the CutePDF instead of your printer, and presto – it’s a PDF – after you pick a file name!
I use the free open source document making software – OpenOffice 3.3.0 – that is also compatible with Windows Office documents. To make a tract you:          
1. Open the program and click on the “Text Document” icon.           2. Click on the “Format” button at the top of the page and then select “Page” then set the margins to .27  right and left and .41 top and bottom and push the “OK” button 3. Click on the “Format” button again then select “Columns” from the menu. 4. Select “3” at the upper left 5. Then a little further down the page uncheck the “AutoWidth” box. 6. Then set the two “Spacing” boxes to .49                7. Then in the three boxes for “Width” make them about equal. Try 2.31 in the left, 2.32 in the middle, and 2.31 in the third “Width” box. 8. Then click ‘OK” and save your project named something like “template” 9. Then any time you want to make a tract simply click on it, and “save as” your new project name. and get to work.

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