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Saturday, 16th October 2021

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Nationwide Spiritual Tour Update:

Total number of states now covered – 31

Total number of states remaining – 6 Namely:-

1) Enugu State
2) Akwa Ibom state
3) Cross Rivers State
4) Benue State
5) Taraba State
6) Adamawa State

Total distance Covered so far – 6500km Plus

Total Distance remaining for 6 states.

2400 km approximate back to Jos Plateau
( Exacts distance between Yola in Adamawa State and Calabar in Cross River State – 1310km)

Aggregated Number of nights in travel time to date-  Saturday, 16th of October 2021- 10 nights ( excluding 10 days in vehicle repairs, 2 night in Ibadan extra for rest and engagement with stakeholders)

Estimated number of night remaining – 2 nights

Sleeping over tonight –  location – Ebonyi State

Crew members – Amb. Oreojo Monday Ogbe and assigned angel ( no kidding – an angel was assigned) – the Spiritual realm more real than the physical realm. Spiritual realm rules.

Vehicle used: 6 cylinder Toyota Camry 2001 edition, powered by 6 horses, one cart.

Incidences : 2 knocked engines, one knocked Air Conditioner, sweating like a pig. Temperature, frying hot compared to Jos Plateau – can’t wait to return to base!

Target audience reached – Leaders  – Ages 10 to 35

Message:  Repent,  Revive and Unite together as body of believers or else find a divided nation, into multiple nations with Initial prophetic destiny of reaching the world for Christ passed on to Kenya, your northern neighbor – deadline – 31st October 2021 – No kidding!!!

Funding: Crowd funded but 60% funded by one woman. Call forth blessings upon all who have supported this divine Initiate and open heavens for which their would not be enough room to receive it in Jesus name, with blessings for which money can buy and those things which money cannot buy in Jesus name, amen!

Vision received whole sleeping over in Niger Delta region – 15th into the 16th of October 2021 – read 1 Kings 12, 13, and 14 to see similitudes to our nation NIGERIA.

The south of Nigeria will be divided into multiple nations but seriously weak. They will long to return to the Nigeria of the past.

The north will stand as one nation but weak compared to the NIGERIA we know today.

Await more detail to be provided in video upon return to Jos, after completion of excercise.

This vision is conditioned upon the following:

1) Repent as the church, the guiding light of the nation, not by praying but by visible fruit of repentance…love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul and mind. Love others as yourself.

2) Get corruption out of my church – Anything that God did not and has not authorized you to do, even if it is a good deed, obliterate it, quickly!

3) Return to me and let my Spirit show you where you are missing it, and show proof of a turnaround to my divine counsel

Data from first Spiritual Tour in 2010:

Prior Initial data of nationwide spiritual tour initiated by the creator of the universe, galaxy and Milky way – the Great I, Am , that I Am  in 2009 but implement in 2010 after a second encounter Date –
April 1st 2010 to April 12th 2010 – 12 nights

Distance cover – 7000km exactly. Distance increased this time around for security reasons… covering same states multiple times to reach other state.

Location covered: 37 states including Federal Capital ABUJA.

Target audience : 7 churches in each of the state capital and Aso Rock.

Message 2010: Repent and revive or else the northern army will be released… northern army still active but diminished.

Results: Our Heavenly Father not satisfied with church response but now focusing on the youth as the last line of defense.

Funding 2010 : single handed

Title: Revival and Unity –  Five ( 5) minor adjustments I made in the place of prayer that if applied can help escalate divine response to your own prayers and that of others –  31 of 40

Five changes

Friends, I will like to share with you some nuggets that will bring speedy response to your over flogged prayers including those for others as highlighted in today’s title: – *Five ( 5) minor adjustments I made in the place of prayer that if applied can help escalate divine response to your own prayers and that of others*

If you missed the last post, find it here :

Ain’t you tired repeating the same prayer over and over again without a divine response?

Some of us have carried on with a prayer item(s) that has or have dragged for years and yet no assurances, no peace,no joy, no waiting signals, no “not yet signal,” and no nothing whatsoever signals –

If these questions apply to your prayer request and that of others,

Hereunder are 5 (five) Things that should be found on the front burner of your mind and body as we make little adjustment that brings maximum results in you or our dealing with life situations and circumstances in the place of prayer – the scripture for meditation and engagement today is:

Hosea 4:6
King James Version
6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children:

1) Ask God for His specific plans and purposes concerning what you are asking Him to do for you.  There are general purposes like – it is not God for man or woman to be alone..but when it comes to who God has set aside for you and you for them, you have to drill down to specifics because generalization will not work. Why is that important? When your request is in line with His Perfect will for your life, answers begin to pop out like hot and ready popcorn 🍿 because the Holy Spirit is more than eager to help you fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Anything out of God’s purpose grieves Him, especially when you are doing everything to take what has not being allocated to you. For sure, you will receive a silence treatment or better still, answers that provides leanness in your soul called permissive will…what an acid treatment!!!!

2) Open all avenues to receiving from Him. He could speak to you; he could speak through those in the body of Christ who are wired for hearing pretty easy…. You should never be threatened by that because every member of the body has something you need and something they need from you – be humble to receive feedback from others because we are connected by one single Holy Spirit and He can decide to share details through other members of the body of Christ who don’t fit into your category of the perfect Brethren.

Remember always that we are all flawed vessels and God is actively working in us and through us to bring out the true image and likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ…so don’t beat yourself silly!

3) Step out with the little you have, don’t wait for full package or full details or full funding before you make a move. If you need all the facts, then it means you are faithless and God cannot work or walk with you because He is not pleased with your faithlessness. As you move, He moves- guaranteed!

The How is not in your realm. Just obey willingly and see the salvation of the Lord

4) Stop making God your servant.. He is the creator of the universe for crying out LOUD 🔊 – Prayers like, “Lord, heal me.” ; Lord provide me a job or provide me money are out of place. He has already released all you need for life and godliness and handed you a badge 📛 of authority to act in His capacity. So why are you bugging God with your problems? Act as God and speak to the the circumstances and situation as God will and see the salvation of the Lord in the land of the living.

5) When you are having the consciousness, working and walking in the consciousness that you are first and foremost a spirit being, with a soul to make sense of the earthly realm, and with a body to engage the earthly realm; That your unique fingerprint is your soul. Your spirit is joined with the Spirit of God. Your soul help you navigate the spirit realm and the physical realm so that you can act justly as god on earth where God has allocated you to rule and reign as King and Priest in His sted. As King, making declarations and as priest interceding for others, in the likeness of Christ!

If you focus and think you are flesh, then that remains your reality. If you know you are spirit, and your spirit is joined and one with God’s Spirit, then you can open your spirit at will to receive spiritual vibrations or impulses from your creator God.

That is all for now!

If you have questions, just send a prompt! Any question at a concerning physical and Spiritual matters that you are clueless about. We are available to help you gain insight by the Spirit of the almighty, resident in us, His children


Ambassador Oreojo Monday Ogbe

God’s Eagle Ministries


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