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Wednesday 23rd, December 2020

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*Let’s Talk About “Correction without Rejection” on Wisdom to Win by Dr. Clarice Fluitt – Day 83 of 90 Global Matthew 6:10 Prayers – 7 Days left!*

Friends, *Merry Christmas* to you all right in the middle of a dilapidating pandemic with enforced social distancing rules.

*Earlier Messages:*

Within the months of March and July during the first period of waiting on the Lord this year, by the grace the Lord has  place upon us, we brought some *advance warnings and equipping to prepare our hearts and minds* to what was ahead so that we can begin to dig deeper roots in Him in prayer, intercession and deeper walk with the Lord and others.

*Here are some links for a reminder and some tools to deal with fear as follows:*

*what the Lord said about Corona virus in March 2020*


   *a stronger virus than the current one is coming and civil unrest every where  May 7th 2020*

*fear of corona and 365 fear not scriptures 1st of April 2020*

Remember that God reveals to redeem, to equip us to give us advance warning. .. *God does nothing without first revealing it to His servants, the prophets Amos 3:7*

If you doubt this, read Revelation of the unfolding of the past, the present and the future which has not taken place yet.

Jesus showed up on earth in response to messages sent forth by countless prophets and also intercession of many.

*Seven more days to go to the end of the 90 days waiting!*

Praise God! We have seven more days to the end of the global *Matthew 6:10* prayer and fasting started on 1st of October 2020 this year to expire on the 29th of December 2020.

The objective was and is to pray, asking for God’s kingdom and God’s will in oneself, family members, the church, the nation and the nations of the world as a spiritual deposit to remain  steadfast in the centre of His kingdom and His will in 2021,2022, 2023 and beyond because perilous times are ahead that requires a spiritual staying power.. We prepare for war before war manifest, not during the war.

For those who participated, I believe God would have unfolded some deep secrets to us in our relationship with Him, areas in our walk and work with Him that is out of alignment that needs to be realigned or that is producing some result but still requires further pruning for much fruitfulness and effectiveness in the kingdom.

The next seven days will be to further enforce and draw on the specifics, calling those things in the spirit into existence in our everyday experiential walk and work with the Lord.

In summary, within the 90 days period, God would have *shown or spoken* through visions, dreams, everyday encounters and experiences with others, where we are today and the ideal place He wants us to be and what we need to be or do to get to that ideals He has for each of us.

He will then provide the needed grace to move with us one step at a time, progressively towards His perfect will and plan for our lives in His kingdom. This has to do with oneself in relationship with Him and relationship with others.

Read this : *Luke 10:27*
Amplified Bible
*27 And he replied, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.”*

As per the other 4 segments – *Family, Church, Nation and Nations of the world,* what He tells us is also what He told His twelve disciples when He sent them out in Matthew 10 after He equipped them with power to heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the message of repentance and also the hard road ahead and the meaning of discipleship as they were to engage the harvest fields.He told them in the 27th verse as follows:

*Matthew 10:27*
Amplified Bible
*27 What I say to you in the dark (privately), tell in the light (publicly); and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops [to many people].*

What we are to proclaim is about *repentance and returning to a relationship with our marker.* Those messages are not palatable to those of us who are stock in our ways..

Dr Clarice Fluitt

I have taken the liberty to include a podcast on Otakada Cyber church channel by *Dr Clarice Fluitt* on *Correction without  Rejection* on her *wisdom to win* series here via this link


*Dr. Clarice Fluitt* is an internationally recognized Christian leader, accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur with a history in real estate development. Dr. Fluitt has a distinguished world-wide reputation as a Christian mentor. She is also a much sought-after Life Strategist, Personal Advisor, Author, and Motivational Speaker.

Dr. Fluitt is *a time proven prophetess with laser like accuracy. Reports of amazing miracles and healings with positive life changing evidence continually follow her ministry. Dr. Clarice’s life is a remarkable chronicle of *hilarious real-life stories, tragic trials, tests, and moving visitations of the Lord.* Unpretentious and friendly, she is a highly esteemed minister and conference speaker.
Its 25 minutes long, so enjoy and take notes!

May the Lord bless and keep you, the Lord cause His face to shine upon you brightly, the Lord keep your going out and coming in and satisfy you early in the morning, at noon and night.. May you all live in continual fellowship with Him and others in love in Jesus mighty name, amen
Merry Christmas!


*From all of us at:*

Otakada Cyber Church Ministries!

*Amb. Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe*

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