How to Deliver a Miracle – The Five (5) Signals that Guide A Miracle Delivery – 5 of 14

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Sunday 11th, October 2020.

Gods Greatest Assignment for You and Me IS?  How to Deliver a Miracle - The Five (5) Signals that Guide A Miracle Delivery - 5 of 14 + 90 Days of Global Matthew 6:10 Intercession for the World -  day 11
Gods Greatest Assignment for You and Me IS? How to Deliver a Miracle – The Five (5) Signals that Guide A Miracle Delivery – 5 of 14 + 90 Days of Global Matthew 6:10 Intercession for the World – day 11

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Title: Gods Greatest Assignment for You and Me IS?  How to Deliver a Miracle – The Five (5) Signals that Guide A Miracle Delivery – 5 of 14 + 90 Days of Global Matthew 6:10 Intercession for the World –  day 11

Friends, last Sunday, we brought you this title –God’s Greatest Assignment for You and Me IS? How to become a Miracle Agent in the Miracle Mission Field of Life –  One (1) Declaration to Activate Fourth (4) Key that Unlocks Continuous flow of miracle for YOU and OTHERS – 4 of 14 + 90 Days of Global Matthew 6:10 Intercession for the World –  day 7

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In the last four (4) series, we have reviewed and activated 4 keys that unlocks the continuous flow of miracles for you and others. These keys provided answers to Gods greatest assignment for you and me. The four (4) keys position our hearts to get ready for God to use us for His agenda on the earth. These four keys qualify us for the next ten (10) series that we would be working on going forward. These four (4) keys are the foundation stone upon which we can build the other ten (10) series. The four keys were: The Master key- Here Am I, Send Me; The People Key, The Spirit Key and the Risk Key.

Today, we start off with How to Deliver a Miracle – The Five (5) Signals that Guide A Miracle Delivery.

The five signals to be aware of and respond to – Introduction with a true story

If you think about it, signals carrying important information come at us all day long, and you know what they mean. In fact, the message is so clear and helpful that you rarely stop to reflect on the signals. Phone ringing, baby crying, lady smiling or sad, man angry or a young man winking at you.. etc.

We mentioned in our four-key series that practically everyone is looking for a miracle from God. Prayers constantly going up for God to give us something but rarely do we ask God what He wants us to give Him because it takes sacrifices and so very few are found in that zone of others minded.

I have noticed that when people start to live every day in active cooperation with the Spirit of God, something astonishing happens. They immediately recognize the life God intended for them. Their life purpose.

They see Jesus promise of a dunamis (Power) being fulfilled right in front of them, and the difference is so enormous that they wonder how they could have missed it for so long

Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

John 5:19

King James Version

19 Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.

There has never being a time like now where people are looking up to God for a miracle at each ticking moment of the day.. Why don’t you and i become the miracle agent in this vast sea of harvest….

harvest comes disguised in crisis. Ask God which one has He prepared you for to solve and then go about solving it.

Our 90 days prayer and fasting in the last quarter of this year is ALL about asking God to bring His kingdom, His will into our lives and that of our world – pure and simple. You can be sure He will jump at that kind of request!!!

You looking for mission field to witness, go witness and address real life difficulties people face as the Holy Spirit leads you, then you will experience a supernatural life.

Since we are talking about partnering with God to deliver His miracle to others, would it not be wonderful if you and I could count on the same kind of unmistakable, universally identifiable signals to guide us in our work of God?

The good news is, we can. Miracle-specific signals are being sent our way on a regular basis, and we can learn to read and respond to them. These messages have always been there. And even though most of us routinely miss them, they are messages that sent ones must learn to recognize and respond to in order to cooperate with God for miracle outcomes.

The five miracle-related signals are:  a nudge, a cue, a bump, a prompt and an alert.

The true story – Miracle exchange at an airport transit between John and Jessica

It was early morning, John had to catch a flight. But in his rush to get to the airport, he left behind one of those little things that are so easy to forget: His mobile phone charger.

At his connecting airport, John bought another charger for his phone. While he was waiting for his flight, he walked the concourse, praying, Lord, is there anyone You want me to meet here?

Walking towards the store where he had earlier bought the charger, he noticed the salesperson who had helped him standing by the store entrance. John was well past her when he had an unexpected thought: Lord, that is the young lady You want me to talk to, isn’t it? He hadn’t even considered that idea when he was making the purchase.

So John said to God, if she’s still standing there when I go back- which would mean no customers in the store – I will talk to her.

“Well, when I went back, there she still was, leaning against the glass window,” said John. “I said, “Hello, I am the guy who bought the charger. I just called my wife.”

“That’s good,” she told him with a smile. He introduced himself. Her name was Jessica.

John hesitated. He sensed a pang of uncertainty about what he felt led to say next. Should he proceed in faith? He made his decision.

“Jessica, may I ask you a question?” he asked. “Sure.”

“If you could wish for one thing from God today, what would that be?”

Jessica’s eyes suddenly brimmed with tears. “My baby is coming in three months!” John didn’t understand, but he instantly sensed God telling him, she needs you to pray for her.

Tearfully, Jessica placed her hand on her stomach. “The doctor says the baby may be born with serious health problems.”

“You must feel very afraid. May I say a short prayer for you right now?”

“Oh, would you? I know God sent you!”

“Do you know the Lord, Jessica?” When she said yes, he explained “I want you to know that I was walking up and down this concourse asking the Lord if there was anyone He wanted me to meet here. It is you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is!”

While people came and went around them, John prayed, asking God to comfort Jessica, grant her safe delivery, and allow her baby to be born healthy. When he was done, she seemed encouraged and calm. He told her that since he was coming back to the airport in a few days, he would like to stop by and see how she was doing.

Jessica said she’d love that. “Thank you so much. I know God sent you to me today.”

Elated that God had led him so clearly, John headed to the gate to catch his flight.

Suddenly it dawned on him just how God had brought the two of them together. Lord, he prayed, You did not want me to go back home to pick up my charger, did you? Thanks for leading me to Jessica.

Lets trace what happened in this miracle delivery and see how the five signals played out here.

  • John, a man in a hurry, leaves home forgetting his charger, heading to the airport. About the same time, Jessica, a fearful young mother, heads to her store at the airport
  • At the airport, John paces the airport, asking God to send him to a person in need.
  • God in heaven, intent on reassuring Jessica, signals John – That’s the one. See her standing there –  That is a nudge
  • Before he asks his question, John feels suddenly uncertain, a little anxious. This is called an alert
  • John ask Jessica a question that opens her heart. This is called a bump
  • Jessica signals John: She burst into tears and shares her need. This is called a cue
  • God signaled John that Jessica needed his prayer. This is called a prompt.
  • Jessica experiences personal proof that God knows and cares about her and her baby. This is called a successful miracle delivery.
  • Her despair relieved, she tells John, “God sent you to me?” John agrees. Without God, the whole thing wouldn’t have happened. This is called transferring credit.

In the next five series, we shall be looking more closely at the five signals so standby.

Today is the 11th day of our 90 day fast and tomorrow we bring you 4 people God destined for greatness who missed it as a result of carelessness.  and Until then, remain blessed, remain Joyful, and remain in Peace which only Christ provides! Amen


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