Episode 6 – How to Stop the Pain – Pain is Inevitable, but suffering is optional – Introduction

Episode 6 - How to Stop the Pain - Pain is Inevitable, but suffering is optional - Introduction

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Friday, December 2nd 2022

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Series – Perfect Relationship: 24 Tools for Building BRIDGES to Harmony and Taking Down WALLS of Conflict in our Relationships 

Episode 6 – How to Stop the Pain – Pain is Inevitable, but suffering is optional – Introduction

Episode 6 - How to Stop the Pain - Pain is Inevitable, but suffering is optional - Introduction

Happy New Month friends and welcome to the last month of the year 2022.

May the Lord Preserve, Protect, Provide, and Perfect all that concerns you that pertains to life and godliness in Jesus name, amen

Don’t waste your pain. Don’t ignore your pain. Don’t worship your pain and finally, do something about your pain.

The pain you are experiencing right now is a great sign calling you into a growth process because nobody grows in the comfort zone.

Most of the biggest growth trajectory only happens in the uncomfortable zones of life. It all depends on your mindset towards the circumstances and situation you go through.

Have a mindset that this pain is for growth. Then ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom to deal with it. Sometimes, He will release grace, sometimes, He will point you to books or people or certain actions you need to take or certain thought processes that need to be transformed by renewal of our minds Romans 12:1-2

But remember this that –

It was when Zion travailed that she brought forth that glorious child God had promised her.. paraphrased – Isaiah 66:8

So travail in the pain you are going through and even in the pain, see the glorious outcome for that is walking in the spirit because the realm of imagination is the realm of the spirit as led by the Spirit of God and supported by scripture for specific promise for your life…

For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you cannot see — which is the realm Imagination (paraphrased Hebrew 11: 1-3 – use your God given imagination to secure and lock down the future God has promised you.

Meditate on it and then the insights for the next steps will come to you. faith without works is a dead faith..see the outcome, experience the outcome in your emotions that can propel you to actions you will never take in the comfort zone ..

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Today, we explore PAIN.

We all experience pain! Be it in ourselves or in our relationship with others. It comes in myriads of forms and shapes and Jesus promised us pain.

There are some pains we can pray away and there are some we can’t and it is not about having faith or having more than enough faith.

It is part of the growth process that might require God’s wisdom to manage those pain that will not just go away just like Paul who prayed about the thorn in the flesh that refused to away – 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Every day, millions of people live in a world of heartache. We’re forced
to smile and pretend that everything is all right.

You’ve been wounded, and you just can’t seem to heal. You try to get on with your life, but you just can’t move on. You forgive, but you can’t forget
Every day exhumes the pain you try to bury. It cripples your relationships with people, God, and
life itself. It destroys your ability to pursue your dreams.

The world is full of hurting people. The need to free ourselves from the incredible pains inflicted by life is escalating to desperate proportions. society abounds with
the evidence-the increase in substance abuse, the quest for spiritual enlightenment, the ever-growing industry of prescription drugs, violence at home and in schools, and the increasing inability to establish meaningful relationships.

We are living in the day regarding which the Bible says,  “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”
(Matthew 24:12).

As mankind treats one another in destructive, self-centered ways, we create emotional wounds that make
people afraid to love and trust. And the less we feel loved, the more pain we inflict upon each other. Thus the ever-growing cycle continues on, and pain abounds.

Most people have never acquired the tools necessary for resolving personal hurt. As a result, hurt grows into bitterness,
sorrow, depression, and eventual loss of physical health. Our future becomes controlled by a past that has locked us into an
unending cycle of more hurt and disappointment.

Various cults, governments, and idealistic religious leaders vainly offer us a utopian promise of a place where we can avoid pain by forcing society to follow the right rules.

Drugs and pop psychology offer us an escapism mentality that is little more than denial. Militant groups have tried to persuade us that violence can stop violence. Sadly, even the church offers only a victim’s mentality that has us forgiving and re-forgiving our yet never finding true freedom from the pain.

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One of the things in life over which we have no control is the constant barrage of offenses. Jesus Himself said, “It is impossible but that offences come” (Luke 17:1). If He said there was no way around it, trust me, there is no way around it. We have no control
over the fact that pain will come. But we do have complete control over that pain’s ability to turn into suffering. We can end the cycle of hurt with incredible ease.

We can avoid bitterness and
the need for vengeance. We can free ourselves from the pain of
the past. We can even change our future.
A murder trial may drag on and on as it goes through the
judicial process. Each of the victim’s family members relives
the horrible crime every time the case is presented.

Appeal after appeal seems to make the pain of the survivors grow
more intense. Often those family members stand before a news
camera and announce, “If I can see the offender pay the price for
his crime, I will find closure.” For some reason we believe that the suffering of another individual will somehow stop our suffering. But it never really works that way. No matter how great the price the offender pays, it has no real bearing on the pain of
the offended.

In Scripture, Jesus does not say very much about the person who offends us. Instead, He emphasizes that we are to “watch out” when offenses come. When offenses come, we are at far
more risk than the person who committed the offense. It is true
that the offender’s crime is clear and blatant; it is often hard to
justify. But it is easy for us to justify all manner of self-destructive behavior simply by the fact that we have been offended.

Nevertheless, even though we are victims, we are still subject
to the same life principles. The rules for peace and happiness
do not change simply because we can now justify unacceptable

Vengeance, however, is powerful and deceptive. In fact, it is
so powerful that God said He was the only One with the right
to use it. “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” (Romans 12:19).

Note: Vengeance is punishment and retaliation.

The determination to punish belongs solely to
the One who has the right to judge. Judgment belongs to God.
Do you want to be free from pain and suffering? Let this series
take you on a journey-a journey toward freedom from pain. The
first step on this journey requires that you surrender the “right”
to judge. Although this will be one of the most challenging steps
you will ever take, it also will be one of the most rewarding.
The principles discussed in this series has been put into practice
for more than twenty years by Dr. James B. Richards. They have saved him from pain and
bitterness countless times. Thousands have been helped by these
same principles.

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The title of the book we will be exploring as we continue the relationship series is – “How to stop the pain – Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” by Dr. James B. Richards

If you and I follow this series on relationship brought to you by those who in the body of Christ  have gone through the fiery line of equipping through practical real life experience by the grace the Lord furnishes them through pain,  you and I will be thoroughly equipped by the five fold ministry saints
to free ourselves from the pain of the past and to avoid suffering
in the future as we bring downs walls of conflict in our relationship with self and others

Until next week, when we bring you critical factors – to decide on the most important thing in life, stay prepared and stay tuned


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