4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline: What Will Jesus Do? (WWJD)

4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline: What Will Jesus Do? (WWJD)

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4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline: What Will Jesus Do? (WWJD)

4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline: What Will Jesus Do? (WWJD)


For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.—2 Timothy 1:7

John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Philippians 3:13-14
13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

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Date Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024

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4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline: What Will Jesus Do? (WWJD)

Emeka’s Story:

4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline

Whilst driving home after a busy day’s work, Emeka’s car weaved through traffic as he typed out a quick reply to a text message on his phone. The bright screen illuminated his face as he glanced down, his focus divided between the road and his device. In that split second of distraction, a car suddenly swerved in front of him, causing Emeka to slam on the brakes. The screech of tires filled the air as his car skidded, the smell of burning rubber wafting through the cabin.

Heart pounding, Emeka’s hands clenched the steering wheel as he fought to regain control. But it was too late. The impact was inevitable. Metal crunched, glass shattered, and the world spun in a chaotic blur as Emeka’s car collided with the vehicle in front of him.

Amidst the chaos, Emeka’s phone flew from his grasp, the screen cracking on impact. Pain shot through his body as the airbag deployed, enveloping him in a cloud of dust. Sirens wailed in the distance as onlookers rushed to his aid, their voices a jumble of concern and disbelief.

As he lay in the wreckage, Emeka’s mind raced with regret. The consequences of his momentary distraction were now painfully clear. The accident had cost him not only his car but also his physical well-being. Within an hour, an ambulance raced through the traffic jam caused by Emeka’s accident.
Emeka lay in a hospital bed, his leg in a cast after the car accident. His phone rang incessantly with messages and calls, but all he wanted was some peace and quiet to focus on his recovery.

Amina’s Story:

4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline

In a bustling office, Amina’s phone buzzed with notifications, each one pulling her focus away from her task. “Amina, are you done with those reports?” her manager’s stern voice cut through the office noise. With a nervous laugh, she glanced at her unfinished work, knowing she had let distractions get the best of her.

Despite numerous warnings about her lack of focus and missed deadlines, Amina struggled to break free from the grip of her phone. It had become a constant companion, filling her moments of boredom with a never-ending stream of messages, social media updates, and notifications.

As the days passed, Amina’s work suffered, her once-promising career now hanging by a thread. Her colleagues whispered about her inability to meet deadlines, her desk cluttered with half-finished tasks and unanswered emails. The mounting pressure only seemed to drive her further into the arms of distraction.

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One fateful day, as a crucial report deadline loomed, Amina found herself once again lost in the digital world of her phone. Her manager’s voice pulled her back to reality, but it was too late. The report remained incomplete, a glaring symbol of her inability to focus.

With a heavy heart, her manager delivered the final blow – Amina was fired. The shock and regret washed over her as she gathered her belongings, the weight of her distractions finally sinking in. As she walked out of the office for the last time, the sound of her phone’s notifications seemed to mock her, a constant reminder of the price she had paid for her lack of concentration.

Julie’ Story:

4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline

As soon as Julie received the sleek new smartphone, she couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of excitement and joy. She had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for her husband, Ryan, to upgrade her old phone. But little did she know, this new device would become the source of her greatest distress.

At first, Julie was thrilled with her new phone, spending hours exploring its features and downloading various apps. But as the days went by, Ryan began to express his concerns about her excessive phone use. He would often find her staring at the screen for hours, neglecting her responsibilities and ignoring her loved ones.

“Julie, you’re addicted,” Ryan would say, his voice filled with concern and frustration. “You need to put the phone down and focus on our relationship.”

But Julie couldn’t help herself. She was hooked on the constant stream of notifications, the endless scrolling, and the sense of connection it provided. She felt like she was losing herself in the virtual world, and the thought of giving it up was unbearable.

The arguments between Julie and Ryan grew more frequent and heated. Ryan would try to take the phone away from her, but Julie would resist, feeling like her freedom and independence were being threatened. The fights would often end with Julie storming out of the room, leaving Ryan feeling helpless and frustrated.

As time went on, Julie’s addiction began to take a toll on her relationships. Her friends and family grew tired of her constant distractions, and her job began to suffer as she was unable to focus on her work. Ryan tried everything to get through to her, from setting limits on her phone use to seeking professional help, but nothing seemed to work.

One day, Ryan had had enough. He sat Julie down and told her that he couldn’t continue to live with someone who was more attached to a device than to him. He said that he needed her to choose between her phone and their relationship, and that if she couldn’t make that choice, then he was left with no choice but to leave her.

Julie was devastated. She realized too late that her addiction had cost her everything she held dear. She spent hours crying, feeling like she had lost herself and her loved ones in the virtual world. But as the tears dried up, she knew that she had to make a change. She couldn’t continue down this path, and she knew that she had to find a way to break free from her addiction.

With a newfound sense of determination, Julie began the long and difficult journey of recovery. She started by setting limits on her phone use, gradually reducing the amount of time she spent on the device. She began to reconnect with her loved ones, and she started to rediscover the things that truly mattered in her life.

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It wasn’t easy, and there were still moments of temptation. But Julie was determined to overcome her addiction and find a healthier balance in her life. And as she looked at her phone, now a symbol of her past struggles, she knew that she was ready to move on and start a new chapter in her life.

Anderson’s Story:

4 stories to Help SHAKE OFF Distractions and Concentrate with Discipline

Anderson slumped in his worn leather chair, his eyes drifting from the worn pages of his Bible to the sleek, black contraption that had become an addiction. His phone. He had tried everything to break the habit: apps that tracked his screen time, apps that helped him focus, even apps that simulated the feeling of a brick being thrown at him every time he checked his phone. But nothing seemed to work. And so, he found himself stuck in this never-ending cycle of checking, scrolling, and comparing. His mind was a jumble of thoughts, his focus non-existent.

As he sat there, he couldn’t help but think of the numerous attempts he had made to concentrate. He had tried reading in a quiet room, but the silence was too oppressive. He had tried listening to calming music, but the melodies were too soothing. He had even tried using a focus-enhancing supplement, but the side effects were too severe. And so, he found himself stuck in this rut, his mind a whirlwind of distractions.

Anderson sighed, his frustration growing with each passing moment. He thought about all the things he could be doing instead of staring at his phone. He could be reading his Bible, praying, or even taking a walk. But no, he was stuck in this never-ending cycle of checking, scrolling, and comparing. And so, he found himself wondering: was it worth it? Was it worth losing 70% of his church members, all because of his inability to focus? The thought sent a pang of regret through his chest.

As he sat there, lost in thought, Anderson realized that he had been given a second chance. He had the opportunity to start anew, to rebuild and to refocus. And so, he made a decision. He would put down his phone, and he would start anew. He would start by reading his Bible, by praying, and by taking a walk. He would start by focusing on what truly mattered. And he would start by letting go of his addiction.

With a newfound sense of determination, Anderson placed his phone on the table, and he began to read his Bible. The words flowed across the page, and he felt his mind begin to clear. He felt his focus begin to return. And he knew that he would be okay. He would be okay, as long as he kept his eyes fixed on the prize. And so, he continued to read, his mind a whirlwind of thoughts, but his heart at peace.


Friend, in exploring the story of Bro Emeka, and Bro Anderson; Sister Amina and Sister Julie, we will discover that we live in a world today that does not value concentration. Distraction is the order of the day. Many will, for example, go through all the activities of the day and evening with the radio on. Some will read a book and watch TV at the same time. Most people find it virtually impossible to go through an entire day focusing on a single thing.

Media houses, content broadcasting outlets and advertising establishment inadvertently training target audience with what we call ADHD fuel desire for more content or patterns that feed the disorder. What does ADHD mean? The acronym for ADHD Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children. Symptoms of ADHD include inattention (not being able to keep focus), hyperactivity (excess movement that is not fitting to the setting) and impulsivity (hasty acts that occur in the moment without thought).

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We have now found out that adults have also developed ADHD. People with ADHD experience an ongoing pattern of the following types of symptoms: Inattention–having difficulty paying attention. Hyperactivity–having too much energy or moving and talking too much. Impulsivity–acting without thinking or having difficulty with self-control. ADHD does not develop immediately. It develops after long hours, days, months and some, years of exposure to same or similar pattern of exposure. We must seek practical help, we must pray for divine intervention.
We are the lesser for this dissipation of our energies.


If we will set our hearts on doing what Jesus would do, we’ll find many of our most time-consuming pastimes and patterns will fall away. Our energies will be restored, instead of being dissipated by the many constant distractions available. We’ll begin to once again enjoy peace and quiet.

For a while we may go through a sort of withdrawal. There may be a struggle to keep our mind from wool gathering or wandering. But if we practice shutting ourselves up to God, without distraction, we’ll find refreshment.


Father, we thank You for the gift of life and of time you have graciously given unto us. For this and much, much more, we are grateful.
You kept us here for a specific purpose, for a season in such a time as this. Help us not to miss the gift and opportunity to partner with you to make a difference in our world. We take authority over every time-consuming distraction of the wicked one and break free from them in the name of Jesus Christ. You told us that whatever holds our attention helplessly and hopelessly has become our master and we have made that person or thing an idol in our heart. You came to set us free from captivity. Every from of captivity both physical and spiritual in ourselves, we declare our freedom today and always in Jesus’s name!

Holy Spirit, help us, lead us and grant us the grace to major on the programme of God for our lives and pursue this with vigour in Jesus’s name, Amen!


Ambassador Monday O. Ogbe
God’s Eagle Ministries

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