Relationship Personality test - Test for Couples and those in courtship

Relationship – Personality Test For Couples & Those In Courtship


Why test?  It’s important and it’s fun.  It is important because you discover vital knowledge about yourself and your partner.  It is fun because, unless you are really badly mismatched, it opens up a fascinating world of discovery about both of you. Some material you will already know.  But typically there will be some insights based on results that are very insightful. 

Type Test

What is the difference between a “type” test and a traditional test?

The “type “ test measures four basic personality constructs and then the combinations of high or low ratings on each of these provides a personality profile that will have you grunting “yes, yes, un huh, yes, how’d they know that?”  The interesting aspect of the MBTI and the DISC is that you will come up with a few surprises that are often very insightful. The four scales of the MBTI are:Extraversion-Introversion
Judging-Perceiving The four scales of the DISC are:Dominance

Traditional Test

The traditional personality test measures how high or low you are on a number of different scales.  Such tests do not attempt to combine scales to come up some unique “type”.  The TJTA had 9 different scales; the 16PF measures 16 different scales. The 16PF scales follow:

Reserved –  outgoing
Abstract thinking – concrete thinking
Emotionally unstable – emotionally stable
Humble – assertive
Sober – happy-go-lucky
Expedient – conscientious
Shy – venturesome
Tough minded – tender minded
Trusting – suspicious
Practical – imaginative
Forthright – shrewd
Placid – apprehensive
Conservative – experimenting
Group-tied – self-sufficient
Casual – controlled
Relaxed – tense

We think it would be most beneficial to take one test of each type.

Relationship – Personality Test For Couples & Those In Courtship

This is a self reporting compatibility test, it only requires one person.

We have a new more accurate compatibility test based on data from over 4000 actual couples, to take that test click here otherwise proceed…

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Regarding the person you are trying to determine compatibility with …

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