True Story – A Deliverance more than Ten (10) Years in the Making – Never Give Up

a Deliverance more than ten years in the making

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True Story - A Deliverance more than Ten (10) Years in the Making - never give up

Title: A deliverance more than ten years in the making!

True Story – A Deliverance more than Ten (10) Years in the Making – never give up

Text: Genesis 45:4-8

Key Verse(s): Genesis 45:4-8 ‘Joseph told them to come closer to him, and when they did, he said: “Yes, I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt. 5 Don’t worry or blame yourselves for what you did. God is the one who sent me ahead of you to save lives.
6 There has already been a famine for two years, and for five more years no one will plow fields or harvest grain. 7 But God sent me on ahead of you to keep your families alive and to save you in this wonderful way. 8 After all, you weren’t really the ones who sent me here—it was God. He made me the highest official in the king’s court and placed me over all Egypt”’ (CEV)_

More than ten years prior, when Joseph’s brothers changed their plans from killing him to selling him, little did they know that they were fulfilling God’s plans through their wicked and selfish acts!

Know: God wants to know here that:

i. He knows what lies ahead and has gone ahead of me to prepare my deliverance.

ii. Whatever position God places me here on earth is never a reward. Rather, it is for the deliverance of someone.

iii. When the wickedness of others change the trajectory of my life or seem to disorganize my plans, it just might be God preparing me to be a blessing to someone else.

Do: God wants me:

a) Not to be angry at those who plot my ruin, or be discouraged when such plots appear to be succeeding.

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b) To see my promotion as a trust – a place from which to accomplish God’s purposes.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord for using Joseph’s life to show me this aspect of You and Your working. Help me to view difficulties and adversities from Your viewpoint. In Christ’s Name. Amen.

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