Appropriate T-shirt slogans, for Christians to wear while passing bible tracts out to Muslims, that would make it difficult for them to question your honest and loving intent:
Sura 5:47 Let the people of the Gospel judge by what Allah hath revealed therein. Sura 5:68 Say: “O People of the Book! ye have no ground to stand upon unless ye stand fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that has come to you from your Lord.”
Tracts for evangelizing Muslim please click here. An introduction to the Gospels for Muslims Christian testiomonies of former Muslims A couple examples of resources that discuss the Quran and Hadith:  In The Name of Allah, podremvc
Bible search tools that has the KJV by default with an individual Internet address (URL) to each verse, and that unfortunately has the NKJV by default, but a handy drop-down menu for the KJV, Strong’s definitions and a Textus Receptus Greek/English interlinear. For online Quran click here For online Hadith click here Try a search for words like coitus, or fight

The following sites are link rich and also include PDFs of tracts to print out and share with others, Christian and Muslim:
An absolute must read is “The False Prophet” by Ellis Skolfield, available absolutely free and in several languages. For almost 30 years Mr. Skolfield has written about Islam’s role in bible prophecy.
Also available in several languages is “Islam Reviewed” by M. Ali. It is available in several languages as well.
Islam and the geared more toward introducing Muslims to the Gospels. Also presents Christian testimonies by former Muslims and related tracts.
Israel in Bible Prophecy  discusses the restoration of the Jews to their land in 1948 and to their city in 1967, as was predicted by Daniel 2500 years in advance – right to the year. As well as much more.
Behold the  discusses Islam and it’s role, as predicted by prophecy, in these last of days.
Also YouTube channels: and
A terrific book for putting all of our doctrines into the perspective of the simple truth of God’s Holy Word is:  “Bruchko” by Bruce Olson.  A great book for evangelizing.  Just hand a copy to teens of all persuasions.   Best example I know in regard to the helmet of salvation and the Sword of the Spirit.
Frank Viola  “Pagan Christianity” and “Rethinking the Wineskin
Ellis Skolfield  “The False Prophet” (in several languages) and ‘Shining Man with Hurt Hands” (link to free PDF) and publisher of “Islam Reviewed” (also in other languages).
Answering Islam  Great site by former Muslims for questions about Islam (sometimes mislabeled MBBs or Muslim born believers, but we non-Jews are born Gentile – never Muslim).
The Religion of  Current terrorist attack statistics and much more.

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Link to Ummat al Kuffar - All for One and One for All

In the name of
Don Richardson “Peace Child” “Lords of the Earth” “Eternity in Their Hearts”Secrets of the Koran”
Caffeine Journal Blogspot  Interesting blog
Roman Catholicism – 50 Years in the “Church” of Rome by Charles Chiniquy – a Roman Catholic priest for 25 years. A must-read for all Roman Catholics. Also Catholic Concerns by Mary Ann Collins – a former Roman Catholic nun.
If you become so inspired, we highly recommend opening your computer’s writing program and creating a 3-column 2-page document, and writing tracts yourself.  Set the margins to .25.  You can copy and paste King James bible passages from sites like or olivetree. The King James is the only bible in the public domain. It’s really fun once you get started.  If you want to turn your document into a PDF to send to others, CutePDF has a free download.  After downloading, all you do is push the “print” button on your document, and select the CutePDF instead of your printer, and presto – it’s a PDF – just pick a file name!   

One purpose of this site is to help Muslims understand that Mohammed’s is a SINGLE PROPHET, STAND-ALONE, 7th century religion, that is the EXACT OPPOSITE, of Christianity. Another is to provide a place of assembly for the “called out”, or ecclesia, to engage in amicable and constructive discussion in regard to doctrinal differences. Also to provide a place for seekers that don’t yet have a life in Jesus Christ.
Let’s test the doctrines we hold, against the truth of God’s Holy Word, in Judeo/Christian fellowship.   
It is not our intent to divide the body of Christ, since 2000 years and a couple thousand denominations have already accomplished that, but  rather to unite the body of Christ in truth.  To find common ground through the Sword of the Spirit, God’s Holy Word.  We are instructed:
1Thessalonians 5:21Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
We launched the Ecclesia Forum toward this effort.   Please feel free to log in and post comments and topics.

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