Part 8 – Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM? Why is that not EVERYONE we pray for is HEALED DELIVERED or RESTORED? Why are some GRADUAL or PARTIAL? What are the Hindrances to HEALING, DELIVERANCE and RESTORATION? And Some Do’s and Don’ts + One (1) Story to Substantiate this title and break the grip of the spirit of fear – Part 8

Enough is Enough to Captivity of Satan and Welcome to Freedom in Christ Jesus - Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM?

Part 8 – Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM? Why is that not EVERYONE we pray for is HEALED, DELIVERED, or RESTORED? Why are some GRADUAL or PARTIAL? What are the Hindrances to HEALING, DELIVERANCE and RESTORATION? And Some Do’s and Don’ts + One (1) Story to Substantiate this title and break the grip of the spirit of fear – Part 8

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Sunday, 21st of March 2021

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Title: Enough is Enough to Captivity of Satan and Welcome to Freedom in Christ Jesus – Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM? Why is that not EVERYONE we pray for is HEALED, DELIVERED or RESTORED? Why are some GRADUAL or PARTIAL? What are the Hindrances to HEALING, DELIVERANCE and RESTORATION? And Some Do’s and Don’ts + One (1) Story to Substantiate this title and break the grip of the spirit of fear – Part 8

Part 8  - Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM? Why is that not EVERYONE we pray for is HEALED, DELIVERED, or RESTORED? Why are some GRADUAL or PARTIAL? What are the Hindrances to HEALING, DELIVERANCE and RESTORATION? And Some Do’s and Don’ts + One (1) Story to Substantiate this title and break the grip of the spirit of fear - Part 8
Enough is Enough to Captivity of Satan and Welcome to Freedom in Christ Jesus – Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM?

Part 8 – Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM? Why is that not EVERYONE we pray for is HEALED, DELIVERED, or RESTORED? Why are some GRADUAL or PARTIAL? What are the Hindrances to HEALING, DELIVERANCE and RESTORATION? And Some Do’s and Don’ts + One (1) Story to Substantiate this title and break the grip of the spirit of fear – Part 8 – Dear friends, today, we bring you part 8 of our series on enough is enough to captivity and welcome to freedom in Christ. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God – Romans 10:17. This 8th series could be the last roadblock to someone receiving healing today for self and others. This the day of a new beginning of freedom. So stay with me, the army of the living God. This is an equipping series.

In part 7, we explored The Holy Ghost POWER resident in YOU and ME in words transferred through the air into WATER and oil as agent for HEALING, DELIVERANCE and RESTORATION in Your life and others + 2 Stories on DELIVERANCE of a Pastor and a 6-year-old girl as a learning curve for YOU see link here:

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Jesus alluded to fact that Satan is a thief, a hard and destructive task master.. Read this

John 10:10

Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

10 The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it [a]overflows).

In dealing with this enemy, Jesus commanded all BELIEVERS in Him as follows:

Mark 16:16-20

Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

16 He who believes [who adheres to and trusts in and relies on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] and is baptized will be saved [[a]from the penalty of eternal death]; but he who does not believe [who does not adhere to and trust in and rely on the Gospel and Him Whom it sets forth] will be condemned.

17 And these attesting signs will accompany those who believe: in My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new languages;

18 They will pick up serpents; and [even] if they drink anything deadly, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will get well.

19 So then the Lord Jesus, after He had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven and He sat down at the right hand of God.

20 And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord kept working with them and confirming the message by the attesting signs and miracles that closely accompanied [it]. Amen (so be it).

We mentioned in earlier series that to successfully execute this command of Jesus for ALL BELIEVERS, to confront this type of enemy as a disciplined army, willing to submit to the command of our commander in Chief, we need the following as in A, B, C, D, E, F and G. I must emphasize that these series is not for everyone. The select few will prequalify themselves for enrolment by these 7 attributes. They are as follows:

  1. Availability (Spirit, soul and body)
  2. Boldness
  3. Compassion for others
  4. Determination
  5. Earnest Love
  6. Fiery Anger
  7. Great Hunger

If you don’t have these attributes as minimum ingredients, it will be impossible to wage a successful campaign because all the above ingredients need to be mixed together to produce the kind of mustard seed faith to bring about a change because God feeds hungry people, not cold or lukewarm children be it in healing, deliverance and restoration within and without.

The spoils are ready for collecting but a mustard seed, consistent faith is required to collect them into our experience. We are talking of souls, souls and more souls and everything we need as an army of the living God to wage a successful campaign. We are here to equip you with learning from those who have gone ahead of us.

Now, in part 8 of today, we want to explore some critical questions that keep popping up in believers mind that tend to be a roadblock to receiving from God that which He has freely given unto us. Especially when we have done all and freedom has eluded us like a plague.

 What are these questions? Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM? Why is that not EVERYONE we pray for is HEALED, DELIVERED or RESTORED? Why are some GRADUAL or PARTIAL? What are the Hindrances to HEALING, DELIVERANCE and RESTORATION?  And Some Do’s and Don’ts + One (1) Story to Substantiate this title and break the grip of the spirit of fear

Let’s begin addressing them one after the other.

1)Is it Right to Pray “If it Be Thy Will” When Ministering Healing and Deliverance?

Having established the fact that it is God’s will for everyone who comes to Him in faith to be healed, as we have fully substantiated through part 1 to 7 of this series on enough is enough to captivity and welcome to freedom, so, there remains no place then for us to pray “if it be thy will” when ministering healing and deliverance. We already know God’s will in this matter. We know God’s will is for everyone to be healed and delivered if they are willing to believe.

Jesus is our model and we never see Jesus praying “if it be thy will” when ministering healing and deliverance. Not even once! Why then do we create a theology and do things that contradict the Word Himself?  Because Jesus is the Word John 1:14 – our perfect, living, breathing example in life and ministry.

The only time He said “not as I will, but as You will” (Matthew 26:39,42) was in the Garden of Gethsemane as He prepared to go to the Cross. This was a prayer of surrender to the Father’s plan. Every time people asked for healing, He said, “I am willing.” Except The Syrophoenician woman who convinces Jesus to heal her daughter of demon. The only reason was that, before this time, Jesus operated based on the covenant with the Jews but on account of her faith and persistence, she got her request. Several other people who did not have a covenant also got healed simply on account of their faith. Through Mark 16:14-19, we are now empowered to do same even for unbelievers who believe through baptism in the Holy Spirit – Acts 1:4-8.

He had to make a choice to walk in obedience and yield to the Father’s plan for the redemption that could only be made possible through His death on the Cross.

Would we ever pray for a sinner who has come to us wanting to receive forgiveness
of sins through faith in Jesus,“Lord, if it be your will, pleaseforgive him his sins and granthim eternal life. Otherwise, ifit is not your will let himdepart to hell.”

Never! We
would never pray such a prayer, because we know that God has promised that “through His name, whoever believes in Him will receive remission of sins” (Acts 10:43) and that “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

The correct way to minister healing and deliverance is to do so knowing full well that God desires for the sick one to be healed and delivered. We are here to enforce His will on earth, as it is in heaven.  Our approach to welcoming anyone to receive healing and deliverance must be same as our approach when they come to receive forgiveness of sins. Only believe! – Same package!

2)Since God Is Sovereign Won’t He Just Heal People if and When He Wants to?

This is a sincere question many ask and also quite challenging to respond to. There is no doubt that God is all-powerful, He can do anything. He can heal and deliver any person in an instant. We also know that God is sovereign and acts by His own will and at any time He desires. No one can stop Him. So why doesn’t a good, powerful, loving God, a healing and delivering God just heal every sick person and deliver every oppressed person? Why do we still see some of our own brethren, even those who have served God faithfully and who love Him dearly suffer pain, sickness and die as a result of prolonged illness? Why doesn’t God in His sovereignty, just heal them and make them well?

We will address this in three parts:

A, The sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man

B, The sovereignty of God and the exercise of faith

C, We walk by truth that has been revealed and search out what is unknown

A, The Sovereignty of God and the Responsibility of Man

Psalm 115:3,163 But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases. 16 The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’s; But the earth He has given to the children of men.

God is sovereign and He does whatever He pleases, as the Scripture says. However, in His sovereignty He has decided to entrust the earth to mankind and has determined that under normal conditions He will not override man’s responsibility and man’s decisions. God has determined to do this to the extent that even in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve were about to disobey and sin, God did not intervene, although He could have. In fact, God knew all of this ahead of time and yet He still went ahead with creating man and placing him in the Garden of Eden.

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Consider this, God in His sovereignty has provided for the free gift of salvation for all. Just because salvation has been provided for every individual does not mean every individual automatically gets saved. Each individual has to take responsibility to receive this provision of salvation. The Bible still states, “He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the Wrath of God abides on him” (John 3:36).

Similarly, in the area of ministering healing and deliverance there are several areas of responsibility for us, under normal conditions:

(a) It is the responsibility of those ministering to grow in grace (2 Peter 3:18), to grow in spiritual strength (Ephesians 3:16) and to grow in faith and our ability to administer the anointing and power of God. There is an anointing available to break every yoke, remove every burden and heal every condition. Is it possible that we as ministers, are failing in our responsibility to press in and step into this level of anointing? Perhaps we do so only occasionally, rather than operating in that realm more consistently.

(b) It is the responsibility of each individual to take care of their body, to believe God’s Word and to resist the devil, and his works. God will not do this for us.

Given this understanding, we do not normally see God healing independent of these areas of man’s responsibility. He has sovereignly determined not to do so. This is one side to God’s sovereignty.

There are occasions however, when God moves despite man’s failure in the two areas (a) and (b) as mentioned, and still causes healing and deliverance. These would be exceptions we see and not the norm. God moving and healing despite man’s failure in the two areas (a) and (b) is the other side to God’s sovereignty. Two sides to the same coin, in understanding the sovereignty of God.

B, The Sovereignty of God and the Exercise of Faith

Matthew 13:5858 Now he did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

Mark 6:5,65 Now He could do no mighty work there, except that he laid His hands on a few sick people and healed them. 6 And He marveled because of their unbelief. Then he went about the villages in a circuit, teaching.

Jesus was back at home in His own country, Nazareth, where He had grown up as a carpenter’s son till the age of 30. Unfortunately, people in His own country were unable to receive Him for who He was. They saw Him as a carpenter’s son, rather than One sent from God, anointed to heal and deliver. In such an environment, Jesus did not do many mighty works because of their unbelief.

If God is sovereign (all powerful, above all others and independent of all others) and whom no one can stop, why does He still require His people to exercise personal faith if they are to experience His mighty workings in their lives?

It may seem conflicting, that our God is almighty and sovereign and yet God may be limited by our unbelief. He normally does not and cannot work if there is no faith.

If everything is a free gift of grace, then how is it that we can receive them only through faith? For as we understand it, grace is an expression of God’s character that is independent of anything we have done, while faith is an expression on our part of confidence and trust in God.

Here are some things to consider:

1)God in His wisdom has deemed it fit that these two apparently conflicting attributes coexist. There is the realm of God’s indisputable sovereignty and there surely is the integral and necessary element of personal faith with its dynamic results. 

2)There are certain things that depend solely on the sovereignty of God such as God’s eternal purpose and His plan for the ages. These will be accomplished independent of the exercise of an individual’s faith. And then there are individual purposes that God has, whose fulfillment depends on the individual’s cooperation with God. 

3)In extending all of His gifts freely to us out of His grace and yet making it necessary for each one to receive them by faith, God is giving every person “equal opportunity” to receive from Him. Regardless of race, color, social or economic standing, and past experiences, every person has the same opportunity to receive what God has extended to us freely by His grace. 

       4)The realm of faith has its perimeters set by the will and purpose of God. To operate outside of this is to “knock against” the sovereign will of God, and no one can be successful in doing so. 

So it is absolutely necessary for every believer to learn how to live by faith.

Yet there are two sides to this coin of faith in God. Normally, God has sovereignly determined that He will always work in response to faith. “According to your faith, be it done for you” (Matthew 9:29) is His response to faith. This is how He has determined to work normally. On the other hand, there are times when God moves sovereignly to heal and deliver, even when there is apparently no faith. These do happen, but these are exceptions and not the norm.

C, We Walk by Truth that Has Been Revealed and Search Out What Is Unknown

Deuteronomy 29:29The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

Proverbs 25:2It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

Ecclesiastes 1:13And I set my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all that is done under heaven; this burdensome task God has given to the sons of man, by which they may be exercised.

It would be absolutely foolish on our part to claim that we have all the answers. The fact is we do not. It would be very wrong to point to someone who we know is faithful to God, one who loves God dearly and would even die for the cause of Christ, and say they have no faith. When we see some of our own brethren, even those who have served God faithfully and who love Him dearly suffer pain, sickness and die as a result of prolonged illness, and we ask “why?” then all we can say is that “we don’t know.”

What we determine to do is to continue to live by the truth that we do know. We abide with what the Word teaches us. We do not compromise the truth that has been clearly revealed. And then we continue to search out what is unknown. This does not mean we

will obtain an answer to every Why. What we search for is how we can become and experience what God has appointed for us. He does want us to become like our Master and minister as the Lord Jesus did. We search out answers on how to grow into this.

Even in the midst of experiences where we do not have immediate answers, we continue to “walk by faith and not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Faith is willing
to live by what has been revealed
and what is known of God, in spite
of all the vast unknowns. Faith does
not permit what is unknown to
supersede what is known. Faith
does not permit the darkness
beyond to overpower the light we
do have. Rather faith deems the light we presently have as sufficient to take the next steps, even though a world of darkness may be beyond.

We continue to search for answers as to what we need to do at our end, to minister healing and deliverance more effectively just as Jesus did. We continue to press in to God for what we do not know. He has promised, “‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know’” (Jeremiah 33:3). Solomon said, “I applied my heart to know, To search and seek out wisdom and the reason of things…” (Ecclesiastes 7:25). We continue to study, search out the Scriptures, listen to the Spirit, so that we gain the insights we presently lack that will help us minister with greater power and authority. The Lord Jesus promised that if we continue in His Word we will “know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31,32).

We continue to press in to more of God.

Ultimately, we are motivated by love for the Lord. We love Him because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). Nothing diminishes our love for Him. We love Him even when faith is tested and hope seems crushed. We know one day our faith will be turned into sight. Our hope will be realized. And love will continue. “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

Why Doesn’t Every One Get Healed?

We readily admit that not every person we minister to gets healed or delivered. Am sure that every great healing evangelist and man or woman of God has faced this and also struggled with answering this question as to why we don’t see every person we minister to healed and delivered.

The answer to such a question is very subjective since the actual conditions can vary from individual to individual. We do recognize that there can be several things that hinder a person from receiving their healing or deliverance. There could be a variety of reasons, some known to us and some reasons unknown to us.

However, how we react to these “failures” is important. We must always keep in mind that any failure is on our side, not on God’s side. God is true to His Word. We are in a continuous process of learning and discovering truth concerning God’s Kingdom and the ways in which God works. None of us are perfect in our knowledge. We need to continue pressing in to discover truth hidden in His Word and by His Spirit, so that we can more accurately represent Him and do the things He has ordained for us to do.

Here are some do’s/don’ts when we face situations where people we minister to are not healed or delivered:

Don’t Compromise The Truth

We must not compromise the truth. We do not change our understanding of God’s nature, God’s Word and Christ’s completed work on the Cross. These are absolutes. Who God is, what He has promised and what Christ has already accomplished on the Cross will not change. We must refuse the temptation to modify our theology to accommodate our experience. Rather we must press in to raise the level of our experience to match the standard of God’s Word.

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Don’t Speculate, Simply Admit “I Don’t Know”

Since we do not have all the answers, we must not speculate and pretend to know. When we are unsure, we should avoid making statements like “You don’t have enough faith,” “There is some hidden sin,” “There are some generational curses,” and so on. We could end up hurting people when speaking out of ignorance. It is sufficient to say, “I don’t know why you didn’t get healed but God’s love for you is certain and His will is that He wants you well.”

Ask God for Insight and Keep on Ministering to the Individual

It is true that not everyone we pray for gets healed. But this should not prevent us from pressing in and doing our best to bring healing and deliverance to every person possible. We keep praying and attempting different approaches to minister to that individual whenever possible. We encourage the individual to continue pressing  in to God, to keep praying, to keep believing, to keep praising God for their healing and to hold firm to God’s Word. Ask God for insight, for the gifts of the Spirit that will reveal the things that are hindering the healing and deliverance from coming through. Sometimes the individual may need to repent of some sin, or release forgiveness to another person. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and flow with what the Spirit of God reveals.

Glorify God, Not the Condition

We are to glorify God and not the condition. Never magnify the sickness or the oppressive work of the devil. No sickness no demonic work is greater than our God. Just because we did not see a healing or deliverance, let us not make it seem that these were too difficult for our God. There is nothing too difficult for our God. We just need to learn how to release His power more effectively. In spite of the condition, we rejoice, we pray always and in everything we give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) because we know who He is.

“In-Spite of” Not “Because of”

God can use a person “in spite of” sickness, bodily ailments, any physical problem. However, this does not automatically mean that the condition they are in is God’s best for them. God is not using them “because of” their sickness or ailment. God works in spite of the situation. He is not limited by our limitations. He works because of His purpose and grace given to us in Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 1:9), sickness or no sickness! That is why He is God! So when God uses a person in spite of their sickness or ailment, we glorify God and not the sickness. That sickness is still something we need to fight and resist.

Keep Pressing in for More!

Any failure is on our side, not God’s. Keep pressing in for more of His anointing and revelation on how to bring healing to “all” and “as many as,” just the same way Jesus did. He is our Standard. We must press in to do His works and even greater works.

There are at least two other related questions that we could address here: Why are some healings gradual? And why are some healings partial and not complete?

Why Are Some Healings Gradual?

In the ministry of Jesus, other than the one incident where He touched a blind man twice, we see all other healings and deliverances happening instantly. However, when we minister, there are many times, when healings take place gradually over time. Once again a response to this question is really a subjective one and depends on individual situations. In many cases, we do not know why things happen gradually instead of happening immediately. However, our response must be to press through to see the work completed, no matter how long it takes. We celebrate each stage of improvement we see along the way. We must be thankful to the Lord for every small progress in recovery that we see, keep praising God and keep pressing in to see complete healing and deliverance.

Mark 8:22-2622 Then He came to Bethsaida; and they brought a blind man to Him, and begged Him to touch him. 23 So He took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town. And when He had spit on his eyes and put His hands on him, He asked him if he saw anything. 24 And he looked up and said, “I see men like trees, walking.” 25 Then He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And he was restored and saw everyone clearly. 26 Then He sent him away to his house, saying, “Neither go into the town, nor tell anyone in the town.”

Why did Jesus lead this blind man out of town to minister to him? And, why did Jesus have to touch him two times before his sight was restored completely? Why did Jesus tell him not to return into the town or tell anyone in the town? All very intriguing questions.

At least four of Jesus’ disciples came from Bethsaida. Andrew, Simon Peter, Philip and Nathanael were from the city of Bethsaida (John 1:44). Bethsaida was one of the cities that the Lord Jesus rebuked for their unwillingness to respond to the mighty miracles they saw (Matthew 11:21-26). It is obvious that this city was unbelieving and unreceptive to the miracles of Jesus, possibly because of their “wise and prudent” (Matthew 11:25) people who then corrupted the rest of the residents in the city. At least on one other occasion, at Jairus’ home, we see the Lord Jesus putting out all those who ridiculed, who were unbelieving and unreceptive to His ministry (Mark 5:40).

Although the passage does not state this, it is quite possible that the reason the Lord Jesus took this man out of the town and then ministered to him, and also gave him instructions not to go back to town or tell people in the town, was to separate him and secure him from the unbelief and lack of receptivity that prevailed in the town. Quite the same reason why the Lord Jesus did not permit anyone except Peter, James and John and the girl’s parents to be around when he raised Jairus’ daughter back to life. In other cases of blind people being healed, the Lord Jesus ministered freely, restoring their sight in response to their faith. While the passage in Mark 8 makes no mention of the faith (or lack of it) in this blind man at Bethsaida, it is possible that they may have been influenced by the prevailing unbelief in the city. His faith was encouraged when he noticed partial improvement of his eyes and he was able to believe for complete restoration.

Perhaps some lessons we can take back from this incident with the blind man at Bethsaida, is that we learn to separate people from an environment of doubt and unbelief in order to help their faith. We also encourage people’s faith even with a gradual improvement in their physical condition and press through till the healing is complete.

Why Are Some Healings Partial and Not Complete?

Another thing we may observe when ministering healing is that sometimes people with multiple problems get healed of some conditions and continue to have other ailments persist in their bodies. Here again we will not have all the reasons why complete healing did not occur. We must thank the Lord for every small progress in recovery that we see, keep praising God and keep pressing in to see complete healing and deliverance. Continue to encourage the individual and not in any way shame or condemn person. Continue to ask God to reveal how to minister to the individual and to reveal what needs to be done to see complete healing.

It is possible that the causes for the different conditions are different. One may be a purely physical ailment that needed healing and was healed right away. Another condition may be demonic with a stubborn spirit of infirmity that needs to be cast out so that healing can come.

Perhaps one condition may be dealt with by casting out a spirit of infirmity, while in order for another condition to be healed, it is possible that we just need to encourage faith to rise in their hearts for them to receive.

We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and direction on how best to minister God’s power to the individual.

Three Heart-Attitudes that Allow God to Work Miracles

 Apart from the ABCDE and F we mentioned earlier, In order to minister both minister healing and deliverance, as well as encourage people to be ready to receive healing and deliverance, there are three important heart attitudes: faith, expectancy and intense desire.

When ministering to people, we must walk in faith, expectancy and intense desire. We minister healing and deliverance with faith in our hearts. Our unbelief can be a hindrance to the power of God flowing through us. We must expect people to get well. Expect people to be delivered and made whole. Have an intense desire to see people healed, made whole and set free for the glory of God.

As we minister to people, we need to help them come into a place of faith, expectancy and also have intense desire to be made whole. We encourage them through the Word, prayer and worship. Like the woman with an issue of blood, we must encourage people to expect something to happen as they reach out in faith. Like the Canaanite woman we must encourage people to be determined to receive their healing and deliverance.

Hindrances to Receiving Healing

While this is not a complete list of “roadblocks” or hindrances to receiving healing and deliverance, we need to be aware of these, as we minister to people. If we recognize that one or more of these hindrances are present, we should address them in a loving and encouraging manner. Never criticize, condemn, blame or shame  the individual when ministering. We must not try and take the place of “God” in people’s lives. We are just earthen vessels making ourselves available in God’s hands to be used for His purposes.

•   Lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 5:13)

•   Lack of faith (Mark 6:5,6)

•   Considering the ailment as the will of God.

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•   Lack of persistent desire to get well. Not really wanting to be well. Perhaps, enjoying the sympathy and attention of people. Perhaps fear of living life with normal responsibilities once they get well.

•   Being passive in resisting sickness (wrong postures that leads to a passive belief: “If it is God’s will, He will heal me,” “God will heal in His time,” “Whatever happens is God’s will,” and so on).

•   Wrong heart attitudes : anger, resentment, jealousy, unforgiveness, bitterness, and so on. Proverbs 14:30A sound heart is life to the body, But envy is rottenness to the bones. Proverbs 17:22A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.

•   Destructive lifestyles : If a person continues to do things that are self-destructive to their health, e.g. alcohol, smoking, drugs, and so on.

•    Other unknowns : We do not know every cause that could hinder a person from receiving healing and deliverance. So we learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and He will show us what to do in specific situations.

One Story _ breaking the Grip of the spirit of Fear by Bro Schambach – WALKING  THE  STREETS OF  SOUTH  PHILADELPHIA

The Bible says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear…” (2 Timothy 1:7). It also says, “…fear involves torment…” (1 John 4:18). Therefore, I can conclude that fear is a tormenting spirit. Many of God’s people are bound by this tormenting spirit of fear, even when they hear the Word preached.

Fear is the opposite of faith. It can keep you from being active as a Christian. If you are bound with a spirit of fear, I don’t have to tell you—you need a miracle of deliverance. And I have good news—God wants you to be rid of fear in your life and is ready and willing to set you free.

Once,  when  I  was  in  Philadelphia,  I  met  a  woman  who  had  a  problem  with fear.

I used to conduct private interviews where people could come and meet with me one on one. This lady came in trying to make an impression. She talked in tongues a little and then sat down.

I said, “What can  I do for you?”

She said, “I’ve come for you  to  pray for me.”

I said, “I don’t pray in the daytime. I pray at night. You see, we preach in the daytime to stir your faith. Then we lay hands on you during the night service when faith is alive.”

She said, “Well, I can’t come at night.”

I said, “Are you working?”


“Do  you have an appointment?”


“Then come back  tonight,” I told  her.

“I’m not coming back.”

I said, “Well, I’m not praying.”

That might seem harsh, but I knew she was hiding something from me. I discerned it in my own spirit. So I asked her, “What’s your problem? I want to know.”

She said, “Well, I’ve got high blood  pressure, and  I’ve got sugar diabetes.” “Is  that all?” I said.

“Yes, it is,” she replied.

I said, “No, you’re telling me a lie. You’re telling me you can’t come tonight. The reason why you can’t come is because you’re bound with a spirit of fear.”

She said, “How did  you know?”

Listen,  she  was  a  child  of  God.  She  loved  the  Lord.  But  she  was  still  bound by the spirit of fear.

She  said,  “I  haven’t  been  out  of  my  house  at  night  for  the  past  twelve  years. Oh, Brother Schambach, this  spirit torments  me.”

I said, “Look, stay until tonight. Go next door and buy a sandwich. Stay here, and I’ll pray for you tonight. I’ll get rid of that spirit of fear. God’s given me the power to cast out devils, and I’m going to liberate you from that foul spirit that’s tormenting your mind. If you stay, and God doesn’t deliver you, my wife and I will personally take you home.”

She said, “You’ll do  that?”

I said, “I’ll do it. I’ll even go into your house first. You can stay with my wife in the car. I’ll turn on every light, look behind the couch and the chairs, open your closet, and make sure there’s nobody around there.”

She was convinced. She said, “Well, if you’ll do  that, I’ll stay.”

After I preached that night, I called her up first for prayer. I laid hands on her and the power of God hit her and knocked her flat on her back. I laid hands on about 500 people that night.

After it was all over, my wife and I were looking for the woman because I’d promised to give her a ride home. But I couldn’t find her anywhere! I ran outside and looked all over the place. I said, “Oh, Lord. I’ve got to find that woman.” I never did.

The next night she came back into the   meeting   shouting   and   rejoicing.   At night!

I said, “Come on up here. I know you’ve got a testimony.”

She told the people the story I told you. She said, “I know Brother Schambach told me he and his wife would take me home last night. But I didn’t have to let them take me home because when he laid hands on me, that devil of fear left. God delivered me and set me free! I walked the whole way home.”

I said, “You  walked? In  Philadelphia?”

Now I was getting nervous! She lived thirty blocks away in South Philadelphia. That meant she had walked through the worst part of town! This was the same woman who was afraid to go out at night!

She said, “I got there at about three o’clock in the morning. I put the key in the latch, but I felt so good that I took it back out and walked the streets all night long saying, ‘Devil, you’re a liar. I’m not afraid of you anymore!’”

God  delivered  her  from  fear!  If  you  are  bound  with  a  spirit  of  fear,  He  wants to  do  the  same  thing  for  you.  You  don’t  have  to  be  afraid  anymore.  You  can  turn around and  face the enemy  with confidence because God  is  on your side!

Let me pray for you:

Father, in Jesus’ name, I come to You on behalf of this reader who’s bound by fear. Thank You for the authority You’ve given me over devils. Fear, you foul, tormenting spirit, I adjure you by Jesus— loose your hold on this person’s life. I command it in the name of Jesus. Lord, give him or her a miracle of deliverance, and give him or her the strength to stand up against the enemy. In Jesus’ name, I call it done. Amen and amen.

Short Prayer for Self-Deliverance.

“Lord Jesus Christ, I believe You died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead. You redeemed me by Your blood and I belong to You, and I want to live for You. I confess all my sins-known and unknown- I’m sorry for them all. I renounce them all. I forgive all others as I want You to forgive me. Forgive me now and cleanse me with Your blood. I thank You for the blood of Jesus Christ which cleanses me now from all sin. And I come to You now as my deliverer. You know my special needs-the thing that binds, that torments, that defiles; that evil spirit, that unclean spirit—I claim the promise of Your word, “Whosoever that calleth on the name of the Lord shall be delivered.” I call upon You now. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, deliver me and set me free. Satan, I renounce you and all your works. I lose myself from you, in the name of Jesus, and I command you to leave me right now in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

Let it come from your heart and see the salvation of the Lord!

Are You Sick or a need for restoration?

For those who are sick or unwell in whatever shape or form,  or needing deliverance? Or restoration, kindly touch the dot below in faith (Faith is seeing the precise positive outcome of your current situation, knowing that Jesus has done His part more than 2000 years ago to secure your healing and deliverance, restoration as a down payment, trusting that down payment is available to you to draw from, like a positive balance in your checking account with the bank, no questions asked as we agree with you and pronounce BE HEALED in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen)

By the authority, you have granted unto me and unto them, I exercise that authority now in faith with their anger against the enemy and hunger to get what you have freely given unto them all, I curse every illness, every disease, be it cancer, COVID 19, be it spirit of infirmities, be it demonic possession or oppression, be it the spirit of poverty, setbacks, delayed fulfilment of what God has already determined and released. We come against the anomaly, I bind them, we curse them to their root and we cast them out by authority in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. We call forth a release of healing, deliverances and restoration into their lives in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for testimonies that are abiding to your glory and honour and adoration. Thank you for souls that are being added to Your kingdom as a result of this message, the miracles that we are already seeing right now and manifesting for your glory in Jesus name, Amen. It is done! Rejoice!

Touch this spot highlighted as a point of contact and confess with your mouth – I AM HEALED, I AM DELIVERED and I AM RESTORED in my Spirit, Soul, Body and all around me in the name of JESUS Christ, Amen!!!

Begin to do what you could not do before and begin to confess until full healing, deliverance restoration becomes a fruit in your life in Jesus name, amen.  Stay hungry for all of God, stay angry and take back all that the enemy has held back in Jesus name, amen

Testify to the healing for God’s glory and to the shame of the enemy! Send us an email or whatsapp us if you still need us to agree with you on the issue.  And connect at the equipping series starting next week Thursday. Find detail shortly on our website!

I hope you enjoyed today’s title, “Part 8 – Where on earth is God’s WILL and SOVEREIGNTY in all of this talk on FREEDOM? Why is that not EVERYONE we pray for is HEALED DELIVERED or RESTORED? Why are some GRADUAL or PARTIAL? What are the Hindrances to HEALING, DELIVERANCE and RESTORATION? And Some Do’s and Don’ts + One (1) Story to Substantiate this title and break the grip of the spirit of fear – Part 8”

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