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How many times have you watched one of those dating shows on TV and thought, “I can’t believe he/she just did/said that?!?!” To avoid making similar mistakes on your next date, stick with some of the following ideas…

Eye contact is crucial when dating, so it is good etiquette to provide as much attention as possible to your date. They should feel as if they are the only person in the room. Be a listener and do not talk your date to death, particularly if you are male. Listening shows interest and the ability to compromise. If your idea of a date is talking about yourself and your opinions all night then do your date a favor and stay at home alone.

Be courteous and complimentary. Your date has made an effort for you and your personal opinions aren’t quite welcome at this stage. Also to this end, always turn up for a date unless you have given plenty of time for it to be cancelled. Standing someone up is rude, and not appropriate adult behavior. Try to turn up on time, and don’t keep your date waiting. If your transportation is unreliable, get going in plenty of time. Being punctual shows respect for your date and shows your responsibility.

Try to avoid being opinionated or arrogant on a date and try to avoid discussions about politics and religion on the first date. You will come across badly to your date if you act like this.

Additionally, don’t be rude to others on a date. You are trying to show your good side, so arguing about a service charge or whether the wine is chilled enough will make you look like a fool. And remember…arguing with the waiter is a big no-no.

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In terms of appearance, make an effort to dress well. There is no excuse to look bad. Poor dress shows laziness and will do nothing to promote you. Also, try to be fresh and smell good. You should be shaven, bathed and smell good. It will cost you nothing more than a bottle of quality cologne and some shower gel. Just make sure not to over-do it with the cologne!

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