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About Otakada


About Otakada Christian Content

Welcome To Otakada All In One Place Library

Otakada means “archive, or books for records” —

— Discovering, Harnessing and Liberating Christian content, One Content At A Time 
in books (Paperback, ebooks, Audiobooks), Magazines, Photos, Music, Movies, Training, Educational and Other Vital Multimedia Contents

We facilitate the creation, storage, publishing, distribution and monetisation of Christian multimedia contents to the global audience.

We take content in whatever format, that is, paper manuscript, audio-tapes, video-tapes, drives, papyrus-scrolls, you name it, distribute and monetize each content, one step at a time.

Otakada ValuesIntegrity, Excellence, Speed and profitability

Otakada VisionWe envision a discipled world

Otakada MissionAll Our resources will be geared towards discovering, harnessing and liberating christian content for worldwide distribution and application.

Otakada  is discovering, harnessing and liberating Christian content for worldwide distribution.