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About Otakada


About Otakada.org and Publishing of Christian Contents

– Paperbacks, E-books, Audio, Sermons, Videos, films, training and Other Christian Contents

Otakada means “archive, or books for records” —

— Discovering, Harnessing and Liberating Christian content, One Content At A Time 
in books (Paperback, e-books, Audiobooks), Magazines, Photos, Music, Movies, Training, Educational and Other Vital Multimedia Contents






We facilitate the creation, storage, publishing, distribution and monetization of Christian multimedia contents to the global audience. We take content in whatever format, that is, paper manuscript, audio-tapes, video-tapes, drives, papyrus-scrolls, you name it, distribute and monetize each content, one step at a time.

Otakada ValuesIntegrity, Excellence, Speed and profitability

Otakada VisionWe envision a discipled world.

Otakada MissionAll Our resources will be geared towards discovering, harnessing and liberating Christian content for worldwide distribution and application.

Otakada is discovering, harnessing and liberating Christian content for worldwide distribution. We have deployed over 12,000 discipleship content to engage and build a virtual community of believers for fellowship, evangelism, discipleship and fundraising. We are also helping Churches, Missions and Charity organization do what we do in the virtual world of e-missions and help them become 21st century ICT compliant via our website at www.21stcenturymissions.org. Our partnership with Bishop Chris of Our Daily Manna started since 2002.

Do you have any Christian content in any format or have one within you waiting to come out? We are open to consult with you, let you know of contents that are impactful and how to present them to a global audience. Kindly send us an email at info@otakada.org or via whatsapp no. +2348078012042 or visit our http//www.otakada.org/questionnaire and we will take it up from there. We make your content available on otakada.org, Apple itunes, Amazon and a host of other third party sites for as little is $50 USD.  Free Christian content remain free on https://www.shop.otakada.org . Join us as we reach the world for Christ via engaging Christian contents.